Daily Express sole paper to get ‘Honourable Mention’ in Sabah Creative Economy and Innovation Centre’s awards event

Published on: Thursday, February 18, 2021
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Saila (bottom, right), Rosihan Juara (bottom, centre), Ahmad Noor Syahir (bottom, left), Dale Owen (top, left), Jonity (top, centre), Razif (centre, left) and Tressie (centre, right).

KOTA KINABALU: The Daily Express received the “Honourable Mentions” award for the Organisation Category by Sabah Creative Economy and Innovation Centre (SCEIC), a State government agency under the direct purview of KKIP Sdn Bhd and State Ministry of Industrial Development.


According to SCEIC General Manager Viviantie Sarjuni, there were various organisations that had contributed efforts and assistance when it was first started and one of them was Daily Express. Daily Express is the only newspaper given the award. Saila Saidie represented the paper in receiving the award. 


“Saila has been writing news for free in order to get Sabahans to take part in our free programmes last year and it’s always published on Daily Express. As a government agency that’s just established in April last year and still very new, we need exposure from the media for people to know about our programmes and Daily Express is among them,” she said.

The 30 organisations which received the “Honourable Mentions” award were Ministry of  Science, Technology and Innovation (Jasmine Teo), MID (Thomas Logijin), Universiti Malaysia Sabah (Prof Ramzah Dambul), Magic (David Lim), Sabah International Convention Centre (Nazlia Jafri), Kelab Belia Tinagayan (Fazlan Thomas), Sabah Bangkit (Anas Amdan), Chanteek Borneo (Anne Antah), Borneo Echo (Fardy Bungga), Kinabalu Coders (Arthur Kent Raymond), Borneo Startup Community (Mohd Irwin Daud Ker), North Borneo Filmfinity (Dale Owen Stephen), Rambutan Code Academy (Faezrah Rizalman), Politeknik Kota Kinabalu (Minir Simon), UiTM Sabah (Ahmad Noor Syahir Sazali), Ooze (Precilla Fong Pui Sie), Upcycled Shack (Tressie Yap), Cradle (Razif Abdul Aziz), MDEC (Janice Lim), Ministry of Marketing Asia (Niney Chong), Majlis Belia Sabah (Ahmad Farid Sainuri), i-Kudat (Cehrolina Joseph), Sarawak Media Group (Amirin Arsyan), Sabah Social Entrepreneurs Network  (Jonity Philip), NeoOne Associate (Rosihan Juara Baharuddin), Clarus Consulting (Dr Cynthia Ee), Siung Films (Jo Luping), Department of Industrial Development Sabah (Tommie Philip) and MoreFun (Oscar YJH).


SCEIC also awarded 30 individuals for the “Honourable Mentions” award for the Individual Category and they are Ernie Zainie, Irwin Mohd Daud Ker, Stella Matilda, Ani Mohd Ridzuan, Sinn Chun Hou @ Geoffrey, Sahara Usli, Edham Arief Dawillah, Frida Fara Bungga, Prof. Madya Dr Jidon @ Adrian Janaun, Puan Sri Maimon Arif, Anas Amdan, Lim Tzyy Shyong, Uliantie Sarjuni, Benedick Bisoni @ Robert, Mazrie Mahat, Ida Faranina Othman, Ts Tan Yee Siang, Nadira Ilana, Anja Juliah Abu Bakar, Zikri Zainudin, Jaklin Juanis, Katak Chua Soon Min, Ben Uzair, Caroline Jintoni, Hazel Hassan, Richard Ker, Anuthra Sirisena Sinnyore, Dr Nur Aaina Syafini, Rizo Leong and Azizul Julirin.


“We give them this award to recognise their hard work and contribution to SCEIC. They have been helping us a lot even during this challenging time due to the pandemic,” she said.


Meanwhile, 10 individuals were chosen for the Enabler Award and they are Datuk Ir. Melvin G Disimond (CEO of KKIP Sdn Bhd), Datuk Asnimar Hj. Sukardi (ex-senior civil servant), Prof. Madya. Ts. Dr. Razmah Dambul (UMS), Saverinus P. Kitingan (Sabah Techpreneur Association), Eric Lee (Facebook Malaysia), Sylvain Grisollet (Animation Partners Asia), Jean Ivy Denis Gompion (Tambunan Community College), Chin Kah Yi (COO of Sabah Net Sdn Bhd), Carol Fung (Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation) and Emmeline Patrick (Department of Industrial Development Sabah).


“As  for the Enabler Award, it is given to the ecosystem leaders from private, public and community level that have been very supportive towards not only allowing for initiative to happen on the ground but enabling other stakeholders in the ecosystem to work together. 


“These are the forward thinking leaders who see the big picture of how we can sustain the ecosystem by working together. 


“They might not have the forte in technology for example but they realised, as a leader they need to support. Otherwise we will always be left behind,” she said, giving an example of the MyHackathon 2020 Kota Kinabalu that was held in Sabah last December.

Viviantie said through the event,  SCEIC had managed to get buy in and support from not only KKIP Sdn Bhd but higher learning institutions, corporates and non-governmental organisations.


Two Sabahan startups also won a total of RM500,000 investment from Cradle Sdn Bhd, a federal government agency under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, which was also the main organiser for  the MyHackaton. 


“Without all players, we won’t be able to get such good responses from the participants.” 


SCEIC also awarded ACE Award to Khairilizwan Jamros of Khaiz Empire that has consistently assisted SCEIC especially during Movement Control Order, last year.


“ACE stands for Acknowledging Commitment and Excellence and we choose to give it to Khairilizwan because he has been very supportive towards us and helping us with the Sabah Innovation Show that was premiered during the lockdown.


All recipients of the four awards will receive a 3D-printed trophy, designed and printed by Tenom Innovation Centre (TIC) team members of SMJK Chung Hwa. TIC is a makerspace in Tenom, that is opened to all students from the surrounding area.


It encourages students with common interests in computers, machining, technology, science, digital art, or electronic art to meet, socialise, and collaborate.


“With this collaboration, we hope to help TIC to purchase new and upgraded equipment for their future projects.


“On top of that, this appreciation will help to highlight communities and organisations that have done a great job building talents in Sabah. They deserve recognition for their hard work and passion to help Sabah.


“Some of them are not even from Sabah, but realising the potential of our talents here, they have come forward to offer their expertise and assistance,” said Viviantie.


SCEIC will look forward to engaging with not only organisations but individuals who want to be part of its initiatives to push for technology, innovation and creativity agenda in Sabah.


“Who knows we might produce a unicorn startup from Sabah? An equivalent of Grab, Lazada, or produce a world class animation movie – an equivalent of Disney? Or produce drone technology or robots that can help optimise agriculture operations in the rural?


“But SCEIC cannot be pushing this alone, it takes the entire ecosystem players to work together and make this a reality. This appreciation initiative is a symbol of appreciation and thank you sign to everyone involved,” said Viviantie. 


Source: https://www.dailyexpress.com.my/news/166498/daily-express-sole-paper-to-get-honourable-mention-in-sabah-creative-economy-and-innovation-centre-s-awards-event/

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