30 Honorable Mentions awarded by SCEIH

Article Source: https://web.facebook.com/SCEIHSabah/posts/248268540155415
Leading during pandemic is surely one of the most challenging tasks and we are so grateful that even during crisis, we were still able to execute programmes on the ground but it was not possible without collaborations from stakeholders.

Therefore, Sabah Creative Economy and Innovation Centre (SCEIC) would like to name and award top 30 organisations and 30 individuals who work relentlessly towards the development of talents in the space of entrepreneurship, technology, innovation and creativity in Sabah. These are the community champions that have come forward to offer their assistance and support throughout 2020 to create impacts for Sabahans since SCEIC’s inception in April 2020

This is a group of high achievers, community leaders consisting of creative talents, innovators, entrepreneurs and makers who have also historically developed the ecosystem in Sabah even prior to the formation of SCEIC.
These are also community champions who mobilise discussions, activities, empowering the nation especially in Sabah through various platforms and often times contributed beyond than what was required.
Let’s join us in congratulating them and we look forward to work with more individuals in the near future.
1. Sinn Chun Hou – Co-founder at All-For-One Productions
2. Stella Matilda – Founder/Marketing Director of Parents Avenue, Co-Founder/VP of Borneo Startups Community (BosCo)
3. Azizul Julirin – Managing Director Kundasang Aquafarm PLT, Community Builder
4. Edham Arief Dawillah – Community Lead at Kinabalu Coders
5. Ben Uzair – Radio Host KK12FM, Master of Ceremonies, Speaker, Trainer, Gigpreneur
6. Anuthra Sirisena Sinnyore – Teacher at SMK Chung Hwa, Community Lead at Tenom Innovation Centre
7. Ts. Tan Yee Siang – Community Builder/Senior Manager at MaGIC
8. Nadira Ilana – Writer, Filmmaker and Activist
9. Ernie Zainie – Chief Strategy Officer Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd, Co Founder Borneo Startups Community (BosCo)
10. Sahara Usli – Founder at Hath Agency
11. Katak Chua Soon Min – Producer & Director at Froggy Planet
12. Jaklin Juanis – Co Founder at Sooper KOL, President AICI Malaysia, Director, Learning and Development at Athena Empowers
13. Mazrie Mahat – CEO at SynxSoft Sdn Bhd
14. Caroline Jintoni – Head of Marketing, PR & Media Manager at Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd
15. Richard Ker – President, North Borneo Historical Society & Vice President, Partnership & Ecosystem at Aerodyne Group
16. Anas Amdan – Music Producer, Creative Director at KGE Studio, Founder of Sabah Bangkit, Owner of Nook Cafe, Kota Kinabalu
17. Ani Mohd Ridzuan – Entreprenur, Founder of Nuvis Sabah, MD Nuvis Sabah Training and Consultancy Sdn Bhd, Co Founder Borneo Startups Community (BosCo) & MOMPRENEUR ASIA SABAH
18. Hazel Hassan Hisham – Founder of Hazel Ventures
19. Benedick Bisoni @ Robert – Principal Assistant Director (Industry & Regional Corporate Section) at Department of Industrial Development and Research (DIDR)
20. Anja Juliah Abu Bakar – Social Impact Director of Athena Holdings Sdn Bhd
21. Frida Farah Bungga – General Manager, K.K.I.P. Autocity Sdn Bhd
22. Pn Sri Maimon Arif – Former Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at Hap Seng Group
23. Lim Tzyy Shyong – CTO at Mindvalley, Founder of Flexnode & WebCamp KK
24. Assoc. Prof. Dr Jidon Janaun – Lecturer, Consulting Engineer, Inventor, Dryer & palm oil recovery expert
25. Dr. Nur Aainaa Syafini binti Mohd Radzi – Acting Head, Policy & Research Division, Institut MASA
26. Nina Othman – Director Marvel Factory Sdn Bhd, Founder Grow the Goose & Borneo Cocoa, VP of CSED Malaysia
27. Irwin Mohamad Daud Ker – Entrepreneur, Co founder Borneo Stratups Community (BosCo), Founder Youth of Labuan (YOL) & North Borneo FilmFinity (NBF), MD Marketbless, Master Plan Hub Sdn Bhd, Head Socio-Cultural & Education in BIMP-EAGA BEBC Labuan
28. Uliantie – Lecturer, Researcher, Permanent Volunteer at Borneo Startup Community (BosCo)
29. Zikri Zainudin – Setiausaha Kerja, Majlis Perundingan Belia Negeri Sabah, Kementerian Belia dan Sukan Sabah (KBBS)
30. Rizo Leong – Artist, Artworker, Woodcut, Printmaker

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